I want you to know how much your work and research and teaching have helped so many of my patients and, of course, improved both my and my wife’s and my family’s health.

Please keep up with your passion–it’s so invaluable.

Dr. Gurusahay Khalsa
– Georgia

I was first treated by Michael Lebowitz DC when I started in the NHL in 1994. Playing in the NHL is extremely tough on ones body and having Dr. Lebowitz do muscular Applied Kinesiology, in addition to his specialized dietary and nutritional plans has helped me be able to play in the NHL for 20+ years. Noah Lebowitz DC worked on me with the same protocols while I played for the Dallas Stars and was able to help me increase energy and decrease soreness, helping me stay focused and healthy throughout the season.

Sergei Gonchar
4 time NHL All-Star
Stanley Cup Winner 2009
Silver and Bronze Olympic Medalist with Russian Hockey Team

Playing sports has always been a passion of mine and I had a goal of playing MLB. Standing only 5’9” tall and 175 I was undersized but I played 110% and while doing so I did a number on my body every day. I was able to realize my dream of playing MLB for 2 teams and I played professionally for 13 seasons. Baseball is a long grueling season and staying healthy is tough. I met Michael Lebowitz and his son Noah back in 2003 in spring training. We would always talk about some of the work that Michael did but he never did any muscle work on me until 2004. At that time I realized how much I was missing. From helping to find which muscles were not functioning properly (and turning them on) to putting me on a nutritional regimen for my specific body’s needs it was incredible. Noah was always there by Michaels side, aiding in the testing, learning from “the best” and then applying his knowledge by working on me. I only wish I had that type of work done during the season wherever I was. Every player that I would bring around Michael and Noah fell in love with the work, felt amazing and the injuries were so much less than without the work. Every clubhouse needs Kinesiology and guys like Michael and Noah. There work is second to none and I give them my highest of recommendations.

Adam Greenberg
– Chicago Cubs
– Miami Marlins

I first starting working with Dr. Lebowitz when I was playing professional baseball with the Oakland A’s. It was my first exposure to applied kinesiology, and it was one of the best things I ever did. The benefits were two fold. I used to have reoccurring trouble spots in 2 muscle groups that were fixed, and I learned how important the right nutritional balance was to my physical and mental capacity.
Dr. Lebowitz revealed that I not only had a couple of food sensitivities, but I was also missing a couple key nutrients. The impact on my performance, the way I would feel day in and day out throughout the season, and how consistent I was able to play was amazing.

I only wish I had the opportunity to be exposed to applied kinesiology and Dr. Lebowitz’s work sooner, and the benefits are undeniable. I especially appreciate the fact that Dr. Lebowitz considers a complete approach, not just treating the symptoms, but he also gets to the root of the problem.

Danny Putnam
– MLB Player, Oakland Athletics
– First round draft pick Oakland Athletics 2004

As a former professional hockey scout who brought many players from Russia to the NHL as well as a personal trainer, I brought all my top athletes to Dr Michael Lebowitz for the past 20 years. This has included hockey players, cyclists, boxers, ballet dancers, etc. His treatments made these athletes less prone to injury as well as increased their performance. His recommendations as to diet, as well as supplementation, complemented the treatments and helped them stay well and energetic throughout their seasons. I have known Dr. Noah Lebowitz since he was a child. Noah apprenticed under his father and would most often assist his father with treatment while soaking in knowledge. He has become an amazing doctor already at a young age and I would highly recommend more professional athletes to see him as the situations arise. I also referred top businessmen, as well as literally hundreds of amateur athletes, who would fly from Moscow to Colorado for treatment to help them stay healthy and sharp as their schedules were often just as grueling as those of the professional athletes.

Alexei Yudin
– Washington Capitols Scout

As a professional athlete, it is difficult to stay healthy and perform at an elite level throughout the baseball season. After having 2 surgeries on my right shoulder, I began receiving treatment from Dr. Lebowitz, as all other efforts did not seem to work. After his diagnosis, Dr. Lebowitz was able to identify my food allergies through his advanced knowledge in applied kinesiology allowing me to progress much faster than typical western medicine. After a few sessions with Dr. Lebowitz, I noticed a much needed improvement in my body through the prescribed dietary supplements, body adjustments and foods that I should stay away from due to allergic reactions. I highly recommend Dr. Lebowitz and only wished I lived closer to continue treatment!

Brok Butcher
– Pitcher – Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

A great youtube testimony from Bella, Giovanny and Cole Gifford by their mom Kim

I first saw Dr Michael Lebowitz twenty years ago. From the very first appointment, my quality of life improved tremendously. He is a truly gifted doctor whom I would recommend enthusiastically. And while I don’t have the luxury of living in his neck of the woods at this time, I am thankful to regularly see another doctor who was trained by Dr Lebowitz.

Virginia Oakley

“Dr. Lebowitz and I have researched together and lectured together. He has advanced the clinical knowledge for many doctors. I integrate his work in my patient care on a daily basis”

Walter H. Schmitt DC, DIBAK

I have been in practice for over thirty years and I have melded a number of techniques together, all based on AK and SOT, but once I started to study Dr. Lebowitz’s protocol for treating chronic problems, I found the BEST way to approach even the most difficult patients with results that have been phenomenal! And, in addition to his technique, the line of supplements from Supreme Nutrition that he has helped develop has been a lifesaver. Quality is obviously very important, but, in addition to the quality, the diversity of supplements and ways of implementing them in my practice has been ideal. He, his son, and their research have been a blessing to my patients as well as to myself and family.

Dr Richard Spina
Phoenix AZ

I’ve know Michael Lebowitz since 1998. I decided he was going to be my primary care physician from our very first appointment. We shared the same all encompassing drive to learn as much about our bodies and our health as we could. We wanted to take responsibility for our health, and to stay in control as much as possible in this complex world. Michael has always been the researcher, always searching deeper than that first look, wanting to know why. I don’t have the formal medical training that Michael has, but have a complicated history with my personal health, and I had to learn to look beyond the easy pharmaceutical treatments of my symptoms. For the past 30+ years I’ve sought out AK docs for my health problems, I prefer their approach to wellness. I’ve seen several that were trained by Dr. Goodheart. Michael is and always has been the best fit for my quest to find health. I’m grateful that I found him, I am definitely healthier under his care.

Kent Slaughter
Prescott AZ

I would not be alive today if it were not for Dr. Michael Lebowitz and the wisdom and knowledge he has shared with me and others. I literally had Lyme disease, and four coinfection‘s that came with the tick, for five decades! The medical profession could never figure out what was wrong with me and everything they treated the symptoms with made me worse. It is a miracle I was led to Dr. Lebowitz at a time in my life when I was ready to give up completely. Every system in my body was affected from my digestive system to my lymph system to my joints, my nervous system, my muscles, my bones, my heart my lungs etc…. The bio film that was built up in my body was allowing every infection to hide out and never be completely destroyed. I thank God for Dr. Lebowitz research, prayer and determination that led him to develop the BFB (biofilm buster) oils. Those oils and the amazing herbs that he has developed literally saved my life. Not to mention the unique and individualized method of testing that he uses.I was lucky to find Dr. Lebowitz after seeing over 20 doctors in 3 different countries. I had been in a wheelchair for 9 months, not able to walk. I had been admitted to a hospital for 5 weeks and had a variety of western medicine and alternative treatments including iv-ozone and hyperthermia therapy, nothing seemed helpful.

D. Vialpando
Cortez, CO

When I came to Dr Lebowitz for help, my doctors had told my parents I was schizophrenia and labeled me with many other disorders. They told them to put me on social security and keep me in the mental ward of the hospital. Yes I was at the time suicidal at 17. My greatest desires seemed unreachable educationally. I was exhausted after having insomnia most of my life. Energy was a constant battle. But my mom would not give up.Dr. Lebowitz, found the underlying issues. I had problems with fungus, parasites and the list goes on. Doctors told my parents I would be heavily medicated the rest of my life. But with Gods and my moms help, we followed his diet and vitamins. About 2 years later I was studying theology 8 hrs /day in Norway and other parts of the world where before I couldn’t concentrate for an hr. I was hiking mountains and more naturally slender than I had been in years, and acne all but gone. No schizophrenia, or any of the so called disorders ever showed up. I have been depression free since that time. I am so thankful now that I no longer have severe fatigue nor do I hurt from head to toe! I have my life back and no longer feel like a prisoner in my own body.”

Definitely a miracle, but your dad followed the gifts God gave him so I could live a life completely free. To this day my kids check in with our doctor trained by Dr Lebowitz to see if we need to go on the fungus diet. I truly love your dad and will forever be grateful.

Montrose CO

I was lucky to find Dr. Lebowitz after seeing over 20 doctors in 3 different countries. I had been in a wheelchair for 9 months, not able to walk. I had been admitted to a hospital for 5 weeks and had a variety of western medicine and alternative treatments including iv-ozone and hyperthermia therapy, nothing seemed helpful.
Dr Lebowitz diagnosed and treated me with his unique approach and I was able to walk again after only one month of his treatment. His exceptionally skillful approach paired with his empathy and kindness is a unique combination I have not seen before in any other doctor. I am ever grateful that he helped me to get my life and hope back.

Makawao, HI

I have been using Dr. Lebowitz’s work in my practice since about 1993. He has taught me how to investigate the body to find the culprit that is keeping them from their health.
Like i have always told my patients, if I find a better way, I’ll change. So far, I haven’t. I love this work and thank him immensely!

Dr. Elva Edwards

I found Dr Michael Lebowitz in 1999 out of desperation. I had been living in Hawaii for a couple years and had lost considerable weight, had an ankle sprain that wasn’t healing (I was barely walking months later), and my brain fog was EXTREME. I came home to CO where my mother knew Dr Lebowitz, and took me to see him. I had started to fear I was never going to be ok.
My initial testing results were numerous parasites probably due to drinking stream water and undercooked food, fungus due to sleeping on molding mats, and mercury poisoning due to eating Ahi and seaweed all the time. Morinda Supreme was the product that he recommended, and it almost immediately changed my situation. My foot stopped swelling, my stomach calmed, and my overall movement was easier. I was put on the fungus diet, which was even more restrictive than it is today. To address the mercury was a bit of a mystery. Dr Lebowitz explained how ancient Hawaiians dealt with the issue. Lots of healthy sunshine, and time in the ocean water to naturally pull mercury out of my system. He informed me Hawaiians historically eat pan size fish.
These health concerns were a situation that took me years to address. Initially I spent a month in CO and saw Dr Lebowitz 3 times. I felt much better in a week, could see a difference in myself in months, and later my body returned my pre compromised state. I returned home to Hawaii and stopped eating large fish, farmed seaweed, and spent plenty of time soaking in ocean and sunshine. I threw away everything moldy, and used Borax in my laundry at his suggestion. I kept my home clean and simple to avoid mold. I jokingly say that Dr Lebowitz saved my life. For those of you who have been very sick and lost as where the road to health even begins, you understand…it felt like God used him to save me.

Follow up the next 20+ years. I made a yearly appointment and a follow up two weeks later. I treat my appointments as a privilege and followed the treatment. About 3 years in, living in a dry climate I stopped testing for fungus and it stayed that way till I moved back to Hawaii 10 years later. I owned a cleaning business at one point and it seemed that I was plugged into a vacuum for 6 hours a day and high stress was a factor that left me with chronic fatigue. Dr Lebowitz tested Body Guard Supreme to address the EMF and Endo Supreme for fatigue. Both of those products along with Thorne L Tyrosine made a huge difference in my daily life. In my years of using Dr Lebowitz as my primary physician (western medicine was no help) he would comment on his new herb developments, give me simple health advise, and suggest ways to make my environment healthier (like essential oils, sunshine without glasses, laundry tips, sunscreen, etc). One year I tested off the chart for Titanium Dioxide. Turns out I had changed to a makeup line that was very high in that chemical. Dr Lebowitz then made me aware of the need for low/no chemical face products. I’ve used numerous Supreme Nutrition products as well as Thorne and other companies that Dr Lebowitz felt passed his high quality test. My favorite Supreme Nutrition product is Takesumi. It’s my families go to. We use it proactively. Painting, spraying chemical at a jobsite, 1 too many margaritas, eating restaurant food and feel heavy stomach, etc. It has been a privilege to be in Dr Lebowitz’s care and to know his son Noah who is working along side of his dad.

P.S. My husband got very sick with covid August 2020. The Lebowitz’s sprung into action at a phone call and continued to care about his condition. They left Supreme Nutrition products as well as others in my mailbox, sent us relevant info to lookup, suggested extra blood tests at ER, and monitored his situation from a far. I feel like the advise the Lebowitz’s gave us, the websites to visit, and supplements were imperative to the healthy state he currently enjoys.

Kate Drennan

I first saw Dr. Lebowitz over 10 years ago. Trained as an MD, I was unfamiliar with holistic medicine (aside from basic manipulation from traditional chiropractors). Dr. Lebowitz helped me with many symptoms that were problematic. Just one example that continues to bring a smile to my face. I used to get about 4 or more upper respiratory infections every year. These would be complicated by sinusitis that required strong antibiotics. At my second visit with Dr. Lebowitz, I remember asking him about the sinus infections. His answer stunned me. He stated very simply, just stop getting sick. I thought that was ridiculous at the time and an unreachable goal but as the years have gone by, I have dramatically improved. I rarely get an upper respiratory infection now and if I do, I have been able to mostly avoid any kind of antibiotics. I strongly believe that this success has been due to a combination of being treated with the Lebowitz protocol as well as the quality of Supreme Nutrition Products that he developed. The success of Dr. Lebowitz’s protocol and his extensive knowledge inspired me to learn more about holistic medicine. I have now studied a lot and been treated by many other holistic practitioners over the years and yet the Lebowitz protocol stands out as one of the best approaches I have found to uncovering and treating complex medical issues. I continue to be treated with his protocol and feel it is essential for my health. Also, I cannot recommend him or his son highly enough as holistic practitioners and AK practitioners. They are kind, intelligent, knowledgeable, and quite intuitive and inspired in their diagnostic muscle testing and recommendations. In short, I highly recommend the Lebowitz’s as AK doctors as well as the Lebowitz protocol and the products from Supreme Nutrition that they have developed.

Rebecca Malamed MD

In the 30 years I’ve been in practice, I’ve had the pleasure of working with many wonderful doctors. Dr. Lebowitz is one of them. He is extremely knowledgeable, dedicated and extremely humble in his approach and demeanor. I would strongly recommend him to anyone.

Dr Michael Kooby

Dr. Lebowitz is a master practitioner, researcher, and teacher. I’ve been using his techniques in my practice for over a decade. His techniques have given me the ability to help complicated patients who for many I am their last resort. I am grateful for his knowledge and wisdom, which has inspired so many practitioners, and given us the tools to help our patients get well!!

All my best,

Dr. Lou Granirer

I was first was treated by Dr. Lebowitz when I was 10 years old. Still being treated at 45 years old. The medical Doctors, at best, provide a comfortable decline until you die. Dr. Lebowitz finds and fixes the issue; depression, lack energy, Bells Palsy, allergies, mystery illness, mystery pain, all of it. He is the real deal. I fly in to see him from Nicaragua as needed as does my family and staff

Luke S.
Managua, Nicaragua