Body Restoration – An Owner’s Manual

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Body Restoration is a book based on over 30 years of nutritional research and working with patients with chronic illnesses unresponsive to traditional western medicine. Dr. Lebowitz and Dr. Kapadia share their knowledge based on their patients and their own personal journeys.

The Body Restoration Cookbook

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Over 90 recipes designed for the diets detailed in Body Restoration are available in this free companion volume.

God’s Preventative Medicine

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The Book of Leviticus holds many mysteries. What is the plague of tzaria that can infect people, clothing, and houses? Why do women have to avoid the temple longer if they have a female baby as opposed to a male? How did the Levitical priests who slaughtered hundreds of animals daily avoid getting some of the diseases so common in today’s slaughterhouses? Dr. Michael Lebowitz shares how the wisdom of the Torah is being inadvertently validated by the scientists of today.

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