Welcome to the patient portion of Dr. Michael Lebowitz website (for the physician portion click here). I have been practicing Applied Kinesiology since 1980 and have been one of it’s top researchers. I have been teaching my protocols to other doctors around the globe since 1987. We have developed a system to discern neurologic stressors to the patients’ body be they microbial, foods, chemicals, metals, pro coagulants, etc. as well as hormone and nutrient imbalances etc. By getting to these underlying stressors, we have been able to help people with many different conditions: fatigue, fibromyalgia, chronic lyme issues, gut imbalances, headaches, emotional imbalances, Hormonal imbalances, etc. etc.

We use a combination of physical treatments, herbs, and nutrients to help restore the bodies’ ability to heal itself. Often for a short time dietary restrictions are necessary. Over my career I have treated professional athletes (MLB, NHL, NFL, etc) as well as Grammy Award winners, actors and actresses etc. The most rewarding for me is treating the “average” person who has suffered for many years with many symptoms and has not received optimal improvement from the health care providers they have seen.

Visits often run 60 minutes or more as to have the best results you need to do detailed testing and detective work to discern what is effecting the patient. For instance, here on Maui for some, mold in houses and work places (even if not visible) can cause a myriad of problems. We use labs when necessary (both traditional and functional medicine) but in general find that treating the neurologic stressors we find in our exam is even more important and brings quicker results.

Our goal has always been to understand the underlying conditions as soon as possible and help restore the person in as few visits and as cost effectively as possible.

I have written 4 books (2 available on amazon) as well as 60+ research papers and have won 6 awards for my research from the International College of Applied Kinesiology. I also have worked with leading nutrition companies (Thorne Research and Supreme Nutrition Products) in both product development, quality control and herbal research.

I look at this work as being my God given purpose in life (besides being the best husband and father and grandfather I can be) and not so much a business. Even though a sizable portion of my patients fly in from other parts of the world to see me, I am very happy to serve the people of Maui who would like to come and see me. My original practices were on Kauai in 1980 and the Big Island in the early 80’s and after spending a large chunk of time on the mainland for family reasons I am blessed to be back In Hawaii.

One of the joys of my life is to practice with my son Noah and often on our most difficult patients we collaborate together.