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Welcome to the site of Dr. Michael Lebowitz. My goal is to help each and every one of my patients restore their health and reach their optimal potential as quickly as possible. I also feel it is vitally important to educate my patients as to the optimal life style, diet, etc. to fit their unique body.

My treatment involves identifying any potential stressors to your body and eliminating them. The person then can rely on the bodies innate ability to heal itself. These stressors could involve certain foods, microbes, nutrient deficiencies, heavy metal and chemical toxicity, structural imbalances, and many other issues. I use Applied Kinesiology as my main technique, along with nutrition, herbs, chiropractic, specific reflexes and muscle work and more. My office is located in Pukalani / Makawao Maui. The office is easily accessible to patients from all over Maui. It is only 17 minutes from the airport for those flying in from other locations

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Our goal has always been to understand the underlying conditions as soon as possible and help restore the person in as few visits and as cost effectively as possible.
I have written 4 books (2 available on amazon) as well as 60+ research papers and have won 6 awards for my research from the International College of Applied Kinesiology. I also have worked with leading nutrition companies (Thorne Research and Supreme Nutrition Products) in both product development, quality control and herbal research.



I look at this work as being my God given purpose in life (besides being the best husband and father and grandfather I can be) and not so much a business. Even though a sizable portion of my patients fly in from other parts of the world to see me, I am very happy to serve the people of Maui who would like to come and see me. My original practices were on Kauai in 1980 and the Big Island in the early 80’s and after spending a large chunk of time on the mainland for family reasons I am blessed to be back In Hawaii. One of the joys of my life is to practice with my son Noah and often on our most difficult patients we collaborate together.

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